Honista APK Download Latest v8.2 For Android

Honista Apk is the best MOD of Insta, especially for those who want to enjoy anonymous socializing and advanced privacy settings.

Due to your constant need for development and modernization, and because I know your needs, I have provided you with Honista Apk download, a new application with unique and exclusive unprecedented features and an amazing user experience. If you want to enjoy Instagram Pro features, download your favorite reels but cannot utilize such features. Honista application 2024 version 8.2 is free with periodic updates for all Android devices starting from version 4.4.

Are you still interested? So welcome, I’ll give you all the details about Honista.

Honista Instagram APK is a perfectly secured app that provides all those features that are not even available on the official Instagram app. I also use honista on my Android mobile and today I’m sharing my experience with you on how to download the Honsita apk. This page will provide you with complete guidance on it.

What is Honista APP

It is used for personal or entertainment purposes, but it can also be used professionally for business work. I also use it for my personal use. Especially for Instagram lovers, Honista Apk download removes the restrictions and limitations of the original Instagram app, and it even eliminates the need for more applications to carry out simple tasks that users of all social media applications need these days.

Why Should You use Honista?

If you download the Honista application, you will forget about the Instagram app. First, I also used Instagram but when I downloaded the honista I never opened Instagram. It offers its users several choices or settings options to personalize their experience on it. Users can also be able to download and install it on PCs, Android devices, and iPhones. I use Honista on my mobile and PC because I have no iPhone, but you can also use it on your iPhones.

For value addition, the Honista app offers many features and tools that are effectively & efficiently used by their users to customize their experiences. We also receive feedback from you through our social media accounts, and we regularly release updates to make Honista Apk download better and more user-friendly for everyone. 

I also listen to your inquiries and suggestions through my accounts on social networking sites in general and on Meta in particular, and I take them into account with every new update, so the number of Honista users is increasing at an amazing speed until the time of writing these lines reached more than 6 million users.

Security and Privacy In Honista Apk

Security and privacy of your data is the 1st priority of Honista App. In the latest update, It provides as much protection as possible for your conversations through the conversation encryption feature. Here are the most important privacy settings.

  • Change the Honista Apk download application icon
  • Show or hide the hidden chats icon in the toolbar.
  • Show or hide the app lock icon in the toolbar.
  • Show or hide notifications from hidden conversations.
  • Set a lock for Chat with a PIN code or fingerprint.
  • Set a lock for the application using a password or fingerprint.
  • Automatically lock the application after a specified period.

Updated Honista APK

I’m constantly updating Honista to add more new features, and we are also working to improve the user experience and make the application more suitable for all users, so it is necessary to make sure that you download the latest version of Honista through our download page, or if you already have the application installed, you can Follow these steps to check for new updates.

  1. Open Honista app and then go to Settings through the toolbar at the top of the interface.
  2. From Settings, head to the “About Honista” option.
  3. You will find the option “Check for a new update”, click on it.
  4. Wait a few moments and you will see a message that tells you whether there is a new update or not.

Features of Honista APK v8.2

Honista APK latest version provides a huge variety of features that are somehow lacking in Instagram accounts. Those features are enlisted below:


No Ads

Media Download

Ghost Mode

APP Lock

Media Download

Media Download
ads free Instagram

No Ads


50+Themes of honista

App lock

Honista APK Download v8.2 Advance Features

Personalized App

It is a personalized app which provides you multiple customization options like adding app lock, adding personalized theme and Ghost mode. This app works as per your mode and personality making the social media content easily accessible. 

Ghost mode

Honista Pro APK file also offers you a ghost mode through which you can secretly check other people’s stories, reels, live broadcasts, reels or other content without leaving a trace of your presence. It allows you to use  Instagram incognito.

Advanced privacy settings

It has a much more advanced privacy setting than  Instagram as it allows users to put the whole app in an app lock, or lock the personal chats. Your data and chats will be double locked. Ghost mode will keep you hidden from other people.

Honista Store

Honista Dowload Store is a built in asset that allows you to use multiple free stickers, emojis and chatting options. Now you can make your chatting experience enhanced and adventurous by sharing funny stickers and emojis.

Data Consumption Control

If you are not connected  to WIFI and having limited MBs, then you customize your app by excluding videos from feed in order to save MBs. It also offers you data control mode to save your data by providing low resolutions images and videos. 

Backup and Restore Setting

In order to provide a consistent and personalized experience, it caters to you with a back and restore setting through which you can share your preference to other devices to avoid data loss. 


Instagram is a worldwide popular app used by millions of Social media freaks that provides you with diverse content from all the continents of the world. But it still has a few limitations which can be overcome through the Honista APK Download. This app is made to consider the security concerns of the users and also to break the limitations of Instagram. So enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted social media experience through Honista mod apk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Honista provides a safe experience to all its users.

Yes, honista is a free service.

Yes, both the accounts can be used parallel.