Download Honista APK, the ultimate application designed to enhance your Instagram journey with exclusive features and unparalleled user experience. Available for free, Honista APK 2024 version 9.0 offers continual updates and is compatible with Android devices from version 9.0 onwards.

What is Honista APK?

Honista is a professionally made application customized to meet all your Instagram needs. It simplifies tasks like viewing account pictures and downloading videos or images, eliminating the need for multiple apps.

Why Should You Use Honista?

If you download the Honista application, you will forget about the Instagram app. First, I also used Instagram but when I downloaded the honista I never opened Instagram. It offers its users several choices or settings options to personalize their experience. Users can also download and install it on PCs, Android devices, and iPhones.

For value addition, the Honista app offers many features and tools that are effectively & efficiently used by their users to customize their experiences.

Updated Honista APK

I’m constantly updating Honista to add more new features, and we are also working to improve the user experience and make the application more suitable for all users, so it is necessary to make sure that you download the latest version of Honista through our download page, or if you already have the application installed, you can Follow these steps to check for new updates.

  1. Open the Honista app and then go to Settings through the toolbar at the top of the interface.
  2. From Settings, head to the “About Honista” option.
  3. You will find the option “Check for a new update”, click on it.
  4. Wait a few moments and you will see a message that tells you whether there is a new update or not.

Security and Privacy In Honista APK

Security and privacy of your data is the 1st priority of Honista App. In the latest update, It provides as much protection as possible for your conversations through the conversation encryption feature. Here are the most important privacy settings.

  • Change the Honista Apk download application icon
  • Show or hide the hidden chats icon in the toolbar.
  • Show or hide the app lock icon in the toolbar.
  • Show or hide notifications from hidden conversations.
  • Set a lock for Chat with a PIN code or fingerprint.
  • Set a lock for the application using a password or fingerprint.
  • Automatically lock the application after a specified period.

Ghost Mode for Ultimate Privacy

Enjoy uninterrupted browsing with Ghost mode, a unique feature that lets you browse Instagram privately:

  • View stories and messages without alerting others.
  • Participate in live broadcasts anonymously.

Unlimited Customization

Honista empowers users with extensive customization options. From interface colors and fonts to emoji styles, users can tailor their app experience to suit personal preferences. This flexibility extends to story and conversation settings, ensuring a personalized user interface.

High-Quality Professional Tools

Exclusive tools within Honista streamline tasks that traditionally require multiple applications. From media downloads to post management, these tools enhance productivity and efficiency, catering to diverse user needs.

Content and Ads Control Filters

Customize your Honista experience with advanced filters to manage ads, suggestions, and content preferences. These features empower users to tailor their feeds and enhance browsing efficiency.

Advanced Settings in Honista APK

For professional users, Honista offers comprehensive control over advanced settings, ensuring tailored functionality without limitations. Users can manage every aspect of the app to optimize their experience.

Developer Options

Explore additional features and functionalities with developer options, enhancing your Honista experience with expanded capabilities and tools.

Backup and Restore

Safeguard your settings and preferences with Honista’s backup and restore feature. Easily transfer settings between devices or restore after updates for a seamless user experience.

Features of Honista APK v9.0

Honista APK latest version provides a huge variety of features that are somehow lacking in Instagram accounts. Those features are enlisted below:

Media Download

By using the Honista APK, you can download pictures and reels from Instagram which are not generally supported to download on Instagram. You can now download your favorite saved content in HD quality from Honista. I also download my favorite reels when I want.

Media Download By using the Honista app, you can download pictures and reels from Instagram which are not generally supported to download on Instagram. You can now download your favorite saved content in HD quality from Honista. I also download my favorite reels when I want.

No Ads

Honista APK also provides you with an add-free Instagram experience where you can enjoy your personalized favorite content without any interruption. It provides you with a seamless experience letting you focus on your content.


Another striking feature of Honista APK download is 50+ themes. You can choose the theme of the app as per your choice which can be changed as per your mood without costing you a single penny. I also change the theme daily.

APP Lock

Personalization and security have become a grave concern for all people around the globe. Honista apk v9.0 allows you to add another personalized security experience by adding another layer of app lock to your account. You can keep your data and credentials confidential by adding a fingerprint, PIN, Lock screen pattern, or face detection Password to avoid any security inconvenience.


Honista APK stands as a sleek and compelling tool for social media enthusiasts. Named in homage to Instagram, it represents an advanced iteration of the popular platform. Honista was developed to provide users with enhanced features and robust tools for content creation, addressing areas where official Instagram may fall short.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Honista works without issues if it is installed while the official version of Instagram is present.

In most cases, no. However, with excessive use of the features provided by Honista, the user might be subjected to a ban.

So far, there hasn’t been an official release of Honista, but we plan to launch a version specifically for the iOS system soon.