Download Honista APK For IOS

With the progress around the globe, the technology driven world is now more inclined to social media specially Instagram. But Instagram’s limitations on creativity and privacy is leaving the people yearning for more. Honista iOS is a new application with outstanding and unique features and an excellent user interface, that is truly based on the constant need for development and modernization. You are not restricted in any way and can use this amazing Honista iOS Pro Download free of cost. 

Honista APK iPhone is a video and photo-sharing app developed by a third party to help Instagram users with innovative and new features. It is a social media platform that allows users to use social media with much more privacy and customization options for free. Both an iOS and an Android version of the Honista Gold APK are now available. This page will give you details about how to download this Apk completely.

Honista For iOS

What is Honista IOS Apk?

To provide you with unlimited features, the Honista iPhone has entered the battlefield. It is not available on Play Store but you can download it from the download button on our website page which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Honista IOs Apk is an amazing alternative to Instagram with a user-friendly interface that provides you the ability to change the icon, themes, chat lock, download pictures and videos along with hiding your story and online status. 

No matter if you have Instagram on your phone. You can use both these apps in a parallel way.

User Interface Of Honista For iOS

This app is very user friendly just like an Instagram app. After signing up for the Honista apk iPhone Pro recommends you to check your privacy settings before sharing images, videos, or any kind of personal content you want to post on the app.

Personal Profile:

You can share information about yourself on your profile page such as name, age, address, career, education, likes and dislikes, movies and TV shows you like, and anything else you feel like sharing with the world. 

Just make sure to review your privacy settings to control who can see the content you add to your page. On your profile page, You can also see your friends list, Edit and Share profile option, Saved posts, Tags, and the posts that you have posted.

The Home Tab:

In your feed, you will see the recent posts from pages you follow and friends. You can also comment, like, share, or save those posts. 

Search Tab:

This tab allows you to view the most popular live broadcasts and recent posts. The media shown is personalized based on your Honista APK For iOS preferences and activity.

It is also possible to search for photos and videos by hashtags added to the posts. If you want your images and videos to become popular it is important to add descriptive hashtags on them.

Posting Photos and Videos:

Posting images and videos Simply click the center “add photo” button to add media from the gallery, take a picture, or record a video. After that, you can add a description, the proper hashtag, and one of the different filters available to make it look professional.

Notifications Tab:

From this tab, you can receive notifications about who can follow you as well as view all your friends’ activities and interactions with your posts.

Honista APK Stories: 

We can share photos and videos that are only visible for a short period. After 24 hours, those posts disappear forever and will never appear on our profile or timeline, so it’s the perfect method to share little stupid things about our daily life

Honista Direct:

It doesn’t work exactly like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger but the concept is the same: being able to send photos, videos, messages, files, or locations to one or several users at once, that only they can see.

If you want to download the honista mod apk for Android then click the link.

Main Features of Honista APK for IOS

Here are some features of Honista APk iPhone for IOS:

  • Elegant Themes: Honista’s Functionalities begins by glamoring the app with aesthetic themes. Its themes range from minimalist visuals to the vibrant extrovert mode. 
  • Font Diversity: While chatting with your loved ones, you can select the font that reflects your personality and suits your relationship as well. You can customize your chats with different styles as per your mode. 
  • Background Magic: Not only the fonts, you can choose the background themes of your chats too. The backgrounds vary from simple soft themes to vibrant lively ones. 
  • Ghost Mode:  If you are an introvert and want to keep your life private without letting others know about your activity, Honista helps you to choose ghost mode. You can see other stories and reels without being attracted to your presence at their account. 
  • Traceless connection: You can also connect with others by reading their messages in chats with stealth mode. This mode helps your messages get marked as read. You can keep a check on your account with complete privacy. 
  • Unseen Presence: Sometimes, Viewers want to keep a check and balance on others but avoid direct interactions. This task can be achieved by Honista by using ghost mood and avoiding the read mode. 
  • Private Chat Locks: You can lock your chats so that if someone accesses your account, it will be only you who could read the chats and messages keeping your privacy alive. 
  • Hidden Chat locks: If you have some confidential chats, you can hide your chats from the feed and lock them. In case if somebody knows them, it will not be accessed due to the chat lock service. 
  • Video Downloading: You can download HD-quality videos and images through Hoista. It increases your access to quality media and enhances your social awareness. 
  • Honista Store: You can enhance your chat quality by downloading latest and funny emojis, stickers and multiple chat options by heading towards the Honista store. This tool enhances our chatting experience. 
  • Efficient Uploading: If you have created your account, you can upload on your account on feed as well as stories to connect with the word. This efficient uploading helps you in getting recognized through the community and also increases the chances of publicity and marketing of your product or brand. 
  • Control Data usage: It also optimises your account with controlled usage of the data. You can download the best quality video with lesser data consumption. 
  • Reinforcing Privacy: It also reinforces privacy by locking up the app. It adds another layer to your privacy making it inaccessible for others.
  • Copying Comments or Bio: You can copy the comments and also copy the Bio to search or reach the account on Instagram.  You just need to long click to copy it. 

How to download Honista APk iOS?

In order to download, head towards the following steps.

  1. Click the download Honista APk iOS button given below and start your downloading.
  2. After downloading, go to the file manager of your phone. 
  3. Click on the downloaded file to launch the Honista on your phone.

Honista APK iOS Requirements

Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 12.4

Compatible with:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch

You can read our article on Honsita Apk Locking Mechanism that will help you know that how to lock your chats.

What’s new in the latest version of Honista for IOS

  • Honista’s interface is very user-friendly and helps users to search and shop conveniently and quickly.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Saving internet consumption when browsing photos and videos 
  • Show Expired Stories: Instead of 24 hours, you get 48 hours to view the stories.

You can block all ads by controlling them.


Honista iOS is a reliable alternative to Instagram which is free to use on all devices. It offers more personal control and alleviates your security concerns. From hiding your online presence to securing chats with chat locks, it provides multidimensional features to all the users. Download it from our website now and enjoy restriction free secure features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a free, open-source Android application that provides you with the ability to view Instagram photos, videos, and live streams.

Sure, it is possible If you want to run iOS apps on an Android phone, you just need to install an application.

No. Using the Honista app does not cause any kind of ban on your account as it works as the original app with added features.