Features of Honista APK

Like any other social app, Instagram has a number of limitations. Users must want to remove every one of these limitations. Third-party developers have published this new APk to assist these Instagram users with new and extra features.

Honista APK is a professionally developed application with unique features designed especially for you to have the best possible user experience. Honista provides you with the ability to control all the features and settings of Honista completely and without limits which are briefly explained in the article below.

Honista Apk features

What is Honista App?

The Honista app is considered a copy of the official Instagram app, considered one of the distinguished applications for the Instagram lover because you do not need more applications to carry out simple tasks such as viewing an account picture or downloading a video clip or image and other things that users of all social media applications need these days.

It is characterized by the ability to give you control over its features and settings in a very simple way without any restrictions. But you should be careful when changing these settings without knowledge because it may affect your use of the application and disable certain features that you need, Even if this happens, you can delete the application and re-install Honsita Apk again, and then all settings will return to default.

Specifically, its main functions are as follows:

  • Ghost Mode: to view stories, live, and chat without reflecting activity and without the user being detected.
  • Function to hide the chat.
  • Themes to change the interface design, include the color of messages, the font of the interface, and stories or the background image of the chat.
  • Dark theme.
  •  You can block all ads by controlling them.
  • Function to download content, such as images, videos, reels, and stories.
  • Option to enlarge the profile picture.

It also offers other advanced options and special features. The best thing is that to enjoy all these advantages, you only need to have an Instagram account and access this application with your user credentials.

Honista App

Honista Features

The Honista application is considered one of the best modified versions of the Instagram application, and it has many features:

Downloading Media (Images, Videos):

With Honista, you can now easily download all Images, Videos, and Profile Pictures as well with just one tap from the Honista platform directly to the memory of your Android device using various methods. on the main screen of the Honista app below each video or post download button are available for free download by clicking on them. 

Downloading Stories:

Honista also provides you with the ability to download stories on Instagram with the highest possible quality. Not just posts you can also download stories with ease. On an ongoing basis, we find in the upper bar of the Insta APK application followers’ stories in their various forms. You can also download it for free by clicking on the download notification.

Sharing Stories:

This Honista app also has the ability to share your or your followers’ stories and transfer them to other platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, etc. in general.

Copy text:

Another interesting feature of Honista allows you to copy any text you see. You can also copy the content of posts without downloading to another application. Copy text from biographies and even comments. Press down on a text for a few seconds, and it will automatically be copied to the clipboard. It is very easy. From any user’s profile, you will also be able to see if they follow you or not.

Video Editing:

You will also not need video editing applications such as KineMaster, Cute Cut, or VIVA Video to edit the video before sharing it, because Honista provides you with simple and professional tools.

Theme and User Interface:

Change the appearance by setting the appearance in the settings of the Honista app and applying themes. Users can get 50 + different themes and styles with many customization options, and they can change the chat and background image to any image they want. You can try 50+ different app interfaces and colors for your app. 

You can fully control the quality and type of content displayed in Honista. Users can also get a large number of wonderful and distinctive font styles, story fonts, and more fonts which users can easily change in app settings which completely change the look of the application.

Unlimited Privacy:

You can use the application in private with Ghost Mode because activating the ghost mode makes you invisible to friends on Instagram, and you can also hide the tick mark in the chat when reading friends’ messages. 

Users will get the following special features that they cannot get in the original app, such as:

  • ghost story 
  • ghost chat 
  • live ghost

Lock or Hide Chats: If you like to hide your chat completely, this is the best place. This app offers users the ability to change their chat settings.

App Privacy:

The app maintains the privacy and confidentiality of data, and this security is available within Honista. Where you can maintain the confidentiality of data by activating several steps to strengthen your protection.

Honista Alternatives

Here are some alternatives of Honsita that will be discussed properly:


Instagram is a free online photo-sharing software and social media platform. Facebook purchased it in 2012. By using cell phones, users on Instagram can easily post, and share short videos and images. Users can also edit the post on Instagram. 

To add captions, users can use location-based geotags and hashtags that should be valuable to index their postings and should make it easy for other users to search them within the App. When users use geotags and hashtags, the post becomes visible to the public as well as its followers. If a user wants this post is just visible to its followers, the user can make their profile private.


On the other hand, Honista is like a third-party add-on for Instagram but is only available for Android. It offers some cool features Instagram doesn’t, but there are also some downsides to consider.

Honista APK Review

Here are the many review about Honista APK Download:

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Consumer Reviews About thehonistaap.com

Here are the many other reviews about our website Honista APK Download:


I use instander and have been for about a year now, and it’s a must-have because the ads are removed and it’s just a bonus to have a download button too lol. So yes take my upvote


I don’t know if you can download voice notes but instander was always the go-to recommendation for a modded Instagram app.


Enjoy Instagram like never before download the Honista APK if you want to elevate your experience on Instagram, enjoying tons of additional features. Users can keep following us to get some unique apps and tools in the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Honista APK is not available on mainstream app stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Yes, you need an Instagram account to log in and use Honista APK. This app works on your Instagram account to download and view content.